One More Night.


August 23, 2017
Something out of the ordinary was taking place. My wife, Bobbi, and I take walks and bicycle rides frequently and the duration of them became shorter and shorter. She has diabetes 2 and numbers were bouncing all over the place. She was steadily losing weight. When her skin and eyes started to turn yellow I knew it was time we made an appointment with our doctor on Drummond Island. He quickly seen her, ordered blood work, and an ultrasound at the local hospital. The tests showed that her gallbladder duct wasn’t working right for some reason. Perhaps stones were the problem. An appointment was made to see another doctor a couple weeks away. In the mean time she started to become more and more uncomfortable. After an early evening of watching her struggle with pain and nausea I decided we shouldn’t wait for the upcoming appointment and take her into the emergency room right away. She said that she’d like to spend the evening at home, in our own bed, and go in the morning. I could understand this. Who’d be in a hurry to visit a hospital? So we waited until the morning.

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