Circle the Wagons

img_2165When contributing to different media outlets photography, positive and inspiring stories and events, there were times when I decided that the camera and pen were to be be shut down. An example is on a story detailing a school that was having a replica of the Vietnam War Memorial put together on their football field. Filmed the school children lining the streets welcoming the semi trucks coming into town, wrote about a teachers vision to one day have this replica become a reality. But when people from all walks of life began to visit it, placing their hands on names and crying, it didn’t feel right to invade their pain recording it or details writing on it. The cameras and video equipment were silenced and respect for what was taking place honored. The piece done was picked up later, and shared to millions through CNN on Veterans Day, 2010.

This in one of the reasons the iPad keyboard is going silent (taking a break from “blogging”, which I still don’t quite understand what it is). Right now isn’t the time or place to share the intimate and private battle this family is fighting and trying to come to terms with. Family and friends will continue to hear from Bobbi whenever she’s up to it or wants me to share with them news. We are in no way giving up this fight! There will be good days and unfortunately rough waves our tomorrows will bring. It’s time to circle the wagons and bring together all whom she has loved and who love her. The last update she put on Facebook today, with it being deleted a few hours later. Will always stay in touch with others, our email is on another page. We certainly are not conceding anything to Twisty! It’s a bitch of a disease. Plenty of fight and time left. Each 24 hours alive is about choices and mine this hour are is spend as much as my time interacting with her. There are some tough ass days, but there still is a lot of love and laugher! Laugher is so important! She is quite the unique person. I just smile when thinking about her! We have such a fun week in front of us. Spending time with family. Christmas makes it more special! Missing all of them. Seeing Sean, Jen, and the grandkids soon is exciting. 

Thank you for the kind support, prayers, and wisdom to the many never met. The battlefield has change dramatically. Both of us are wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Years. My time is now going to be spent entirely on taking care of my wife. In my world it matters the most.