The Envelope

Last Thursday we learned that we could get the results of the CT scan directly from the medical department here in the Soo. So we did. When we got home both were very hesitant to open the envelope. If past liver spots (which had been told a number of times were probably Mets) present, the upcoming surgery on the 27th would be called off. It felt surreal to have ones fate and futures on a single sheet of paper waiting to be opened.

Bobbi – “

The envelope. Today Mike and I went to medical records and requested my CT scan .. How many peoples right to life lay on a sheet of paper , a scan a test result? I was afraid to open it I was shaking inside but tried to remain cool. It is what it is was my mental preparation for a potential death sentence. Pancreatic cancer diagnosis is not something you wish for. 5 in 100 survival rate of 5 years. Never did I think why me but at times it took all I had to get through the day. I had decided when the liver spots appeared and heard appears to be Mets that my options were few. I had a biliary stent fall out early on that made me think chemo would be almost an impossible feat.

Looking back had Mike not contacted my oncologist team I would not be here to write. Liver spots have come and gone. Whipple surgery not for me until I heard chemo indefinitely. Chemo was kicking my ass. I was becoming weaker with each treatment. It was getting harder to walk and pick things up. I was having difficulty writing and could no longer snap my fingers. I refused to nap and continued to push beyond my energy level. Went to visit with my mom when nurse navigator from GR called. When I got home Mike told me with surgery I would most likely be cancer free after surgery. May need chemo or radiation but won’t know until operation is done. I cried with tears of hope.

My brother and I both born on the same day three years apart both with cancer both receiving good news on the same day. He had reoccurring jaw cancer. Had big surgery 4 years prior. This will be a little less invasive since won’t have to retrieve lymph nodes. A second surgery never good news but when dealing with cancer the good news for cancer patient no spread is the best one can hope for.

Nervous and anxious. So thankful for all the love, prayers, and support. “

Getting Bobbi ready for the fight of her life has left us both drained but feeling positive. I’ve shared that this woman has not quit in her DNA and she’s showing it each day. Walking further each day, weight training, and quite evenings.

Have learned so much from her friends and family throughout this. Each have played a huge role in this battle. Will sign off for now and share more after her surgery. Kids will be visiting today, minus Jen. She unfortunately came down with the flu. Miss her lots but know she’ll be here in spirit and prayers! Aiden’s birthday too today, turned 12-years-old. Party with his favorite cake. CC driving here. The kids are sure growing up quickly! Thank you everyone for the love and support! Bobbi’s is going to beat this! Twisty soon to be decimated! The surgery is called a Whipple procedure. This is what it involves —

7 thoughts on “The Envelope

  1. I am sending you so much love and so many prayers.
    I see you enjoying being out at the cabin this summer soaking up the sunshine with a big “whew, glad that’s over”.
    I wish I could wrap my arms around you. Love to you, Mike, and all the family❤️💞

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