Happy Holidays!

It’s been close to two months since I rang the bell after my last chemo. Three weeks ago I had another scan and things looked promising. They hesitate to tell a person they are cancer free, but I’m believing so. On the follow up appointment with the Doctor a week later we discussed how often people follow up with scans and appointments after chemo. Some 3 months, some six months. I chose the six month. I can’t live my life living and worrying scan to scan. If things turn south then it is what it is. All the worry in the world won’t change anything. It concerned the Doctor and Mike some but they each get it. Everything that can be done medically has been completed. Next week I’m having the port taken out. Feeling good and getting stronger each day. Taking daily walks with my mother and enjoying this a lot. Getting prepared for the holidays and glad I’m around for it! Wasn’t too sure about it a year ago. After going through an experience like this each holiday is appreciated more. We have our tree and lights up outside, they look really pretty.

“Faces and voices of cancer” organization want to do a interview on the 6th, in a couple days, and I’m glad to be able to help others fighting their battle with my story. I believe hope comes in many forms and if it’ll help another with that then mission accomplished.

Hoping everyone has a nice Christmas and great new year! We have lots of snow here in Upper Michigan, even built a small snowman on Saturday. Got a hat and scarf for it, just need a bit more snow, which I’m sure we’ll get. Not really sure what our Christmas Day plans are, but have awhile yet to plan. Just very grateful for life and being here for it!

Mike-Wishing the same to everyone in having a great holiday season! My gratefulness to everyone is hard to put into words. My admiration towards Bobbi is beyond words as well! Seeing her getting stronger each day is calming. Knowing the scan was good, and blood work, very assuring. What a wild ride it was. Seems so surreal now. I knew she’d be a monarch again, beautiful and shining. But it certainly took a serious toll on her. She fought Twisty and decimated it. Happy that she’s decided to have her port taken out. Doesn’t need a reminder what yesterday’s battles were. We’ll never forget them that’s for sure!

Thank you again to everyone! Have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful new year. Never give up your fight in life, no matter what the odds and so called “statistics” are! Everyone is unique and gifted in some way.

22 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Good morning Bobbi & Mikey! Love you guys. Have been thinking about you, glad to hear all is well & testing was good. You look absolutely gorgeous, I LOVE your hair! This year you two will be able to enjoy Christmas & celebrate.

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  2. Oh Bobbit, I am so happy for you I cried while reading your post. You are a warrior and we all need to look at you as our hero. Really hope I can take that road trip this summer.

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  3. I discovered this blog over a year ago, or maybe this blog discovered mine. Dunno. Anyway, I discovered Bobbi’s Battle during the week that my mother died, because I hadn’t noticed or even posted about pancreatic cancer until I knew that she had been brought down by it–Stage 4 on the day of diagnosis. She went fast. Since her short battle began, I’ve heard nothing about the disease but how quickly it brings people down.

    Bobbi’s Battle is like the action movie that you wish could be your life–a real battle that brings hope to others affected by pancreatic cancer. I am so grateful and inspired to read about a fighter who bested this cancer. I hope this blog brings awareness and inspiration to others affected by pancreatic cancer. Keep on fighting, Bobbi!

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    1. Thank you. Sorry to read about your mother ☹️. Cancer is such a terrible disease. Yes, pancreatic diagnosis is not usually one you can put up a battle against unfortunately. I am one of the lucky ones I think so believe it’s really important to help others learn about it and show hope. When I was told it was like “damn, I’m not going to be around long”. And it certainly walked me into the doorway of the crossover. There’s been a lot of progress in treating the disease but sure wish they could figure out who has it sooner. They can put robots on Mars, but can’t yet figure this cancer stuff out. It’s a powerful foe. Thank you again for the nice comment and have a great Christmas and peaceful new year! We all have a mountain to climb so wishing you the best on yours! 😊


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