About this blog.

This blog is a story about my wife Bobbi, whose 65, and her battle with pancreatic cancer. The nightmare began with us on August 23, 2017. My name is Michael, I’m 56, and we’ve been together since 1993. We have a blended family. Between us three children, Bobbi a son, named Sean, who has a beautiful wife named Jen, I have a son (whose missed) Adam, and his wife Julie, and a beautiful daughter named Shay. We have 4 grandchildren named Zach, Ike, Cinneidi, and Aiden. Bobbi is also sharing her thoughts. We thank you for the read, follow, prayers and love shown my so many.

This blog is being shared to keep family and friends updated on this rollercoaster of hope and illness. We hope to inspire others to keep the faith and fight through their battles that life brings.

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